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June Graduation is in Evansville, Indiana
Evansville, Indiana

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 2013 Academic Degree Programs


Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

“Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth” (click here)
Bachelor, Master or Doctoral in Missions, Evangelism, Church Growth


Bachelor or Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership

Eight Courses
40 Hours of study
A Great Program of study for the Person God is Calling
to Pastoral service.

Pastoral Leadership Degree
 Electives Give You An Option To Choose Textbooks That Will Help You In Your Educational Training. Utilize these electives as alternates. Or, review your degree program page for guidance
about using alternate texts from other pages on this site.
You May Alternate Up To Three Textbooks In The Doctoral Level Degree Programs If They Match More Closely With Your Dissertation Or Doctoral Project. Please Email Your Alternate Suggestions To SchoolAssignment@Aol.Com
Bachelor of Theology
  • 40  Credit Hours — $2095.00 (USD)

Bachelor of Ministry

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2095.00 (USD)

Bachelor-Christian Counseling

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2095.00 (USD)

Bachelor of Christian Education

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,095.00 (USD)

Bachelor of Biblical Studies

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,095.00 (USD)

Bachelor/Master, Christian Emergency Response 911
Leading Your Church And Christian Community To Respond To Disaster, Emergencies and TerrorismBA or MA 40 Hours
BA $2,095
MA $2,295 Bachelor/Master of Creative Writing

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,095.00 B.A
    $2,295.00 M.A.

African American Ministry Degree
Information About Our Master or Ph.D. Degree in African American Ministry Bachelor of Arts In Biblical Archaeology
Information for the BA, MA and Ph.D. Degrees in Biblical Archaeology Master of Arts In Biblical Archaeology
Eight courses or 40 hours of study
Cost is $2,295.00 Church History
Information on Church History Program BA, MA or Ph.D Master of Christian Counseling

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,295.00 (USD)

Master of Theology

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,295.00 (USD)

Master of Christian Education

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,295.00 (USD)

Master of Ministry (M.Min)

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,295.00 (USD)

Master of Church Administration

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,295.00 (USD)

Master of Biblical Studies

  • 40 Credit Hours — $2,295.00 (USD)

Master of Divinity (M. Div.)

  • 90 Credit Hours — $2,495.00 (USD)

MA or PhD In Christian Apologetics
View the Apologetics MA and Ph.D. programs
and tuition cost for each degree program.
40 Hours – MA$2,295, M.A.$2,595, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Preaching

  • 50 Credit Hours — $2,595.00 (USD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies

  • 50 Credit Hours — $2,595.00 (USD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Ministry

  • 50 Credit Hours — $2,595.00 (USD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling

  • 50 Credit Hours — $2,595.00 (USD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education

  • 50 Credit Hours — $2,595.00 (USD)

Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

  • 50 Credit Hours — $2,495.00 (USD)

Doctor of Theology (Th.D)

  • 50 hours $2,595.00 (USD)

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
. 50 Hours  $2,595.00 Second Doctorate
An Opportunity For Ministry And Academic GrowthSales And Marketing Degrees

*All Bachelor programs are 120/hrs. Up to 80/hrs. are given for the following: Previous Education; Life Learning Experience; Ministry Experience; Military Service and other.
Must have completed Bachelor’s and Master’s programs of study from another Institution or Newburgh Theological Seminary and Newburgh College of the Bible


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